The network of the bioindustry of Hokkaido, and cooperation and market expansion with partners.

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(October, 2014, 106 companies)
Name of Company Address Business contents Details
 A-HITBio Inc. Sapporo Development, production, sales, and import/export of foods utilizing biotechnology
Development and consultation of biotechnology
 ABYSSAL JAPAN Inc. Sapporo Production and sales of skin care products mainly made from beet sugar. We are currently developing new products made from agricultural crops of Hokkaido. PDF 
 ACT Co., Ltd. Obihiro Specialized manufacturer of agricultural facilities
Planning, designing, constructing and managing construction and engineering works
Planning, constructing and managing septic tanks
Designing, constructing and managing manure−composting facilities
Specific building trade, first−class architects office, maintenance of septic tank, real estate
office, outdoor advertising business, solar photovoltaic system
ISO 9001, ISO 14001
 ASAHI KOGYOSHA Co., Ltd. Sapporo Air conditioning facilities (various facilities for production environment, bio clean rooms, bio hazard facilities, and temperature/humidity chamber) and supply and drain water sanitary facilities PDF 
 Ama Public Corporation Sapporo Development, production and sales of functional foods from obtained flax seeds by the revival of flax cultivation in Hokkaido which was discontinued in Japan about 40 years ago PDF 
 Amino Up Chemical Co., Ltd. Sapporo Development and manufacturing of bioactive substances derived from botanical resources (immunostimulant, anti-allergic substance, antioxidant, and plant growth regulator) PDF 
 BIO CREATE Co., Ltd. Hakodate Planning, Manufacturing and sales of original cosmetics and health food PDF 
 BIPHA CORPORATION Chitose Manufacturing genetically modified human serum albumin product PDF 
 Bio Lafar,Inc. Sapporo ・Manufacturing and marketing of hybrid bio−cyclic flush toilet units that utilize the “Bacillus”
・Manufacture and marketing of environmentally friendly products utilizing the “Acidulo􀀀 bacterium”(bio−bacteria chip material),
which was developed through collaboration between academia and industry. Examples of products are garbage disposal units and bio−toilet systems.
・Manufacture and marketing of in−car bio−toilet systems
・Hybrid power generation systems utilizing alternative energy sources such as wind and solar power
 Bioimmulance Co., Ltd. Sapporo 1) Immunological testing for cancer, allergy, and auto immune disease
2) Processing and controlling of cell used in biotherapy for cancer, allergy, and auto immune disease
3) Preservation and administration of lymph cell, etc for disease research, testing, and therapy
4) Development of reagent for research and testing, etc.
 C's TEC, Inc. Sapporo Research, development, manufacturing and sales of scientific and technological appliances PDF 
 CORNES & COMPANY LIMITED CORNES BIOGAS Sapporo Import and sales of automobile, electronic device and marine chart, etc.
Insurance business and biogas plant
 COSMO FOODS Co., Ltd. Memuro−cho Food manufacturer
1. Seasoning ① hydrolyzed protein amino acids ② enzymatically hydrolyzed yeast extract and others
2. Functional food ingredients ① silk peptide ② other enzymatically hydrolyzed extracts and products
3. Fermented food, functional lactic acid bacterium powder
 Chromosome Science Labo Inc. Sapporo Molecular cytogenetic analysis services, and manufacturing and sales of chromosome-specific FISH reagents
 Clinical Support Corporation Sapporo Support for clinical testing facility for pharmaceuticals
Support for clinical testing facility for foods
Performing tests for health foods and specified health foods
Provision of know−how for health food tests and consulting
 DENSEI, INC. Ebetsu Manufacturing of electric/electronics machineries (development,
designing and manufacturing of electric/electronics control systems),
dam management and control systems, electricity and gas
heating controlling systems, road heating controlling systems,
electric artificial larynx and communication devices such as telemeters
 ECONIXE Co., Ltd. Sapporo ・Environmental Assessment and Monitoring
・Environmental Research : biological, chemical and physical analyses of the marine, inland waters and terrestrial environments
・Environmental Analyses : Water Quality Analysis, Bottom sediment and organisms analyses
・Construction of fishery business−related facilities as well as design and planning of civil engineering works ・Research and development of innovative environmental technology
 EVEC, Inc. Sapporo Development of fully human monoclonal antibody using EB virus PDF 
 EXAM CO.,LTD Sapporo Support business for healthcare facilities that conduct clinical trials
(SMO : Site Management Organization). We mainly support clinical
trials of medical products and also functional foods and cosmetics
 Eniwa Research Business Park Co., Ltd. Eniwa ① R&D, business model development support project, ② Exchange program, ③ Human resources development project, ④ Electronic processing operations and water supply services for municipal organizations ⑤ Designated manager for public institutions PDF 
 Frontier Institute Co., Ltd. Ishikari Development of various bioassay kits, production of diagnostic materials,
production and sales of reagent for research use, and commission
research support service
 Fujibion Giken Inc. Kitami Bacterial culture.
Manufacturing of deodorizing liquid.
Planning of fishery and agricultural waste disposal facilities.
Research of biomass.
 Fujiisuisan Co., Ltd. Nemuro Production and sales of marine foods and fishery processing products, canned foods, and health foods PDF 
 G-IN TECHNO SCIENCE Co., Ltd. Sapporo ① Development of New biomedicine
② Development of biosimilars
③ Consultation of biomedicine development
 GEL-Design Inc. Sapporo We expand following businesses centering on highly−functional gel
−related technology (gel−like or jelly materials, polymer materials).
1) Planning, developing, manufacturing and selling products for the
general public
2) Research and development assistance (entrusted research and
development, licensing of technology, consulting)
3) Provision of highly−functional materials
 GENMAIKOSO CO., LTD. Sapporo Production and sales of “GENMAIKOSO” and “HI・GENKI”
Operation of an “Organic foods restaurant”, an “Organic food shop” and an “Organic foods cooking school” in Tokyo Ecoro Building
Operation of JAS certified farm “Toyako Nature Farm” and health practical hall “Toya Health Hall”
 GeneticLab Co., Ltd. Sapporo 1) Contract business of gene expression mapping service
2) Pathological diagnosis
 HAYASAKA RIKOH Co., Ltd. Sapporo Sales of measurement instruments and scientific instruments ; designing
and manufacturing of testing system ; sales of analytical instruments
; sales of environmental related instruments ; designing
and manufacturing of measurement control system
 HOKKAIDO SODA Co., Ltd. Horobetsu Plant Noboribetsu Manufacturing and sales of inorganic heavy chemical (caustic soda, liquid chlorine, synthetic hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite,
sodium chlorate, sodium silicate, polychlorinated aluminum, and iron chloride, etc.)
Manufacturing and sales of chitosan and its derivatives
 HOKKAIDO WAKO PURE CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, LTD. Sapporo Sales of research reagents, reagents for clinical laboratory tests,
animal drugs
Sales and repair of physical and chemical appliances, medical
equipment, measuring instruments
 HOKKAIDO WINE Co., Ltd. Otaru Manufacturing and sales of wine produced from 100% grapes, brewing
and sales of low−malt beer and local brand beer
 HVC Strategic Research Institute, Inc. Sapporo Consultation (Intellectual property, business development, and technology strategy)
Surveys, business seminar and incubation
 Hairmertec Co., Ltd. Sapporo 1. Production, a plan, development and sales of the wig product
2. A plan, development and sales of hair cosmetics
 Hitachi High-Tech Fielding Corporation Sapporo For industrial instruments, measurement control systems, semiconductor devices, scientific instruments, medical analyzers, information and media systems, etc.
(1) Maintenance services.
(2) Consulting and engineering services.
(3) Sales of parts and measuring instrument, and electrical instrumentation construction.
 Hokkaido Bio-Industry Corporation Sapporo Planning, production and sales of functional foods, utilizing biomass
resources (material for functional foods) produced in Hokkaido
 Hokkaido Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Ltd. Sapporo Production and distribution of beverages and foods in Hokkaido PDF 
 Hokkaido Environment Bio-sector Ltd. Sapporo Sales of bird repelling liquid “SARABA KARASUKUN”, insect repelling liquid “SARABA ARISAN”, deodorizer “ICHINEN SHOSHU”, etc.
Technical guidance in waste treatment, using the rice bran fermenting material “Power Rebrand”
 Hokkaido Green Kousan Co., Ltd. Sapporo After our company carried out separate culture based on the search for developed land of golf course, we identified new filamentous fungi (Trichoderma harzianum Rifai strain) and developed culture techniques.
Subsequently, we identified 4 produced substances, developed the original conidiospore, and then confirmed the effects by trial sales nationwide from 1997 with the aim of providing plant activity.
Our second development project is the research and development of pharmaceuticals using Japan’s first chlamydospore.
Furthermore, our company developed versatile plant activity promoters which can meet soil conditions in the world, using substances produced by this strain (those with new amino−acid sequences).
In addition to this world−exclusive microorganism resource, we developed a small−scale plant in 2006 and started trial culture for dry preparation development in 2007.
We successfully produced a desiccant agent in 2008.
At the same time, we conducted a field test to demonstrate development of technology with definite effects. We plan to sell the desiccant agent nationwide on a trial basis from spring 2009.
 Hokkaido Junbayu honpo Ltd. Chitose Manufacturing and sales of cosmetics.  
 Hokkaido Lime Co.,Ltd. Tomakomai Manufacturing and sales of scallop shell products (shell lime), quick lime, slack lime and calcium carbonate PDF 
 Hokkaido Mitsui Chemicals Co., Ltd. Sunagawa ・Manufacturing and sales of adhesives for wood, paper wet strength resin, plant vitalizer, cosmetic ingredients and supplemental
foods for companion animals and livestock
・Sales of MITSUI Chemicals INC. products
・Environmental analysis
 Hokkaido Reishi Co., LTD. Sapporo Culture, cultivation, sales, teaching, processing of Reishi mushroom beds in bio business PDF 
 Hokkaido Sugar Co., Ltd. Ishikari Production of beet sugar (sugar factory), Consistent entrusted manufacturing of Culture of various microorganisms and refinement of useful material etc. (bio division), etc. PDF 
 Hokkaido System Science Co., Ltd. Sapporo Support business of R&D activities in universities, research institutes,
and private companies related to :
1. Custom DNA/RNA synthesis
2. Custom DNA sequencing and next generation sequencing
3. Custom DNA microarray analysis
4. Custom peptide synthesis and antibody production
5. Other research support activities (collaborated research
activities of gene, protein and bio-chemical-related fields)
 Hokudo Co., Ltd. Sapporo 1. Sales of animals, feeds and equipment for laboratory
2. Product of antibodies, recombinant proteins and immune assay kits.(We deal with some original equipment manufacturing products.)
3. Trust of the non−clinical test of medical supplies, medical equipment, cosmetics
4. Trust of animal breeding
5. Management and sterilization of facilities and equipment
 Hokusan Co., Ltd. Kitahiroshima Sales and production of chemicals for agriculture, forestry, gardening, and golf course ; artificial bed soil to raising seedling of paddy rice and horticulture plants ; chemicals for road and park management ; seedlings, and plants ; health food ; and functional fertilizers, etc. PDF 
 Hrein Energy, Inc. Sapporo 1. Production and sales of hydrogen production and storage equipment
2. Repair and maintenance of hydrogen production and storage equipment
3. Entrusted examination and research development service on hydrogen production and storage technology and fuel battery
4. Production and sales of dispersed power supply device
5. Production and sales of waste treatment equipment
 Huens Co., Ltd Obihiro 〈Design/construction〉
● Circling jet flow ozone treatment system(decoloration, load reduction,recycling, sludge reduction, special waste liquid)
● Ozone deodorization equipment
● Circling jet flow heavy metal treatment system (arsenic, lead,etc.)
● Functional enhancement of biological treatment plants
● Large−scale sewerage facility plants, biogas plants, etc.
 Human Capital Management Inc. Sapporo Business Incubation, Human Resource Training, Organization Vitalization Consulting, Start-up Consulting, Market Expansion and Alliance Support PDF 
 IMUNO-SCIENSE Sapporo Development of medical materials and sales of reagent and instruments
for biological research
 ITOCHU TECHNO-Solutions Corporation Sapporo Provision of total solution from consultation to system development,
operation and administration, maintenance, training, and
outsourcing with the latest computer, network, and application
 Ihara & Company Rumoi 1. Processing, sales, and agent business of fishery products
2. Processing, sales, and agent business of agricultural products
3. Importing, sales, and agent business of fishery products, agricultural
and livestock products and groceries
4. Production and sales of fishery products extraction
 Immuno-Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd. Mikasa ① Reagent related business
② Drug discovery−related business
③ Others
 Immunobion Co., Ltd. Sapporo Entrusted service [(1)Peptide synthesis, antibody production and refinement (2)Production, development, analysis and raw material synthesis of diagnostic drugs (research reagent)] PDF 
 Institute of Applied Medicine, Inc. Sapporo Quality assurance business: analytical testings, development of analytical methods, validation of analitycal methods, stability testings, quality testings and storage for pharmaceuticals (drug substances and drug products) using physicochemical technique and biological technique under reliability standard and/or GMP.
Bio-analysis business: measurements of drug concentrations in biological specimens under GLP or GCP.
 Japan Food Research Laboratories Chitose Test for the functionality of food ; detection and engineering development of genetically-engineered crop and allergen ; and evaluation test and quality control test for medical appliance and pharmaceuticals PDF 
 KELP Industries, Inc. Sapporo Soft drink (fermented drink) and cosmetic manufacturing PDF 
 KINJIRUSHI WASABI CO., Ltd. Abashiri Manufacturing and sales of wasabi related foods and other foods PDF 
 KITAGUNI LIFE CO.,LTD. Sapporo Beyond the boundaries of makers, we offer a one−stop shop for advertising and selling health foods, cosmetics and their raw materials produced in Hokkaido.
We can provide buyers and manufacturing and planning representatives with information that can be obtained because we reside in Hokkaido. We can also provide them with the information obtained from evaluating the qualities of various products and suggestions on the products all at once. This can be done because we are just transit traders. We provide suggestions by comparing differences in prices and characteristics among companies within Hokkaido, corporations in Honshu and overseas raw materials.
Please make use of us as your company’s representative stationed in Hokkaido.
1) B−to−C mail−order sales of health foods and cosmetics produced in Hokkaido on the web site(Pirka Shop)
2) Wholesale services for retailers (As a consolidated shipment of items from different makers from our stock is possible, small shops can order even a minimum lot without worry)
3) Raw material supply, OEM and other consultation services
 Leaps. Inc. Sapporo ・Agricultural technology and management consultation
・Technological development of agricultural techniques and materials as well as environmental conservation
・Sales of agricultural materials
・Processing and sales of agricultural products
 MARUKATSU CO., LTD. Obihiro Tradings of Azuki beans, Otebou beans, red kidney beans, domestic and imported soy beans, wheat for fermented food, and other beans and coarse cereals.
Manufacturing and sales of feedstuff and fertilizers. Sales of general agricultural crops. Test growing of agricultural products.
Importing and sales of production materials. Manufacturing and sales of food products.
Operation of tourist farm.
 MAYEKAWA MFG Co., Ltd. Tokyo Manufacture and sale of industrial refrigeration compressors and gas compressors, Plant engineering PDF 
 MEGMILK SNOW BRAND Co.,Ltd Sapporo Manufacturing and sales of dairy products, fat and oil  
 MOCHIGOME NO SATO FUUREN TOKUSANKAN Co., Ltd. Nayoro Manufacturing and sales of rice cake products PDF 
 Marukyo Bio Foods Co., Ltd. Wakkanai Manufacturing and sales of healthy functional foods PDF 
 Medical Image Lab Inc. Sapporo Remote diagnostic image support service
Development of high-precision imaging system
 Mori Sangyo Co., Ltd. Shihoro−cho (1)Production, purchase and sales of bark compost and fermented fertilizer
(2)Purchase and sales of agricultural and gardening materials
(3)Cultivation test for agricultural products and research services
 Mutoh Co., Ltd. Sapporo Sales of medical and laboratory equipment ; product designing and manufacturing of instruments for the special purpose of research institution ; manufacturing, maintenance and installment of pure water system ; maintenance and installment of sterilization/cleaning system ; and IT system development PDF 
 NB Health Laboratory Co. Ltd. Sapporo NBHL provides unique drug screening programs for age-related diseases such as vascular and respiratory diseases (COPD). NBHL Research platform covers biological assays (in vitro and in vivo) from target discovery to lead optimization. We also create functional monoclonal antibodies against membrane proteins including GPCR as lead antibodies using the unique screening methods. We provide original drug candidates (small molecules and Mabs) to pharmaceutical companies. PDF 
 NPDI CO.,LTD. Mukawa-cho  
 NYUTEX Co.,Ltd. Obihiro Function and structure identification of food−borne biological active agent PDF 
 Newton Graphics, Inc. Sapporo Provision of technical support for OsiriX (a DICOM medical image workstation), development and sales of image processing applications for biotechnology and protein research PDF 
 Nippon Beet Sugar MFG. Co., Ltd. Obihiro Food business − production and sales of beet sugar, refined sugar, molasses, seasonings, yeast, raffinose, betaine, DFA Ⅲ, beet ceramide,
Other businesses − agricultural and livestock farming, real estate
 Nippon Meat Packers Inc. R&D Center Sapporo Production and distribution of processed meat products (ham, sausage) and prepared foods, processing and the sale of meat PDF 
 Nissei Bio Co., Ltd. Eniwa Production and sales of nucleoprotein extracted from salmon milt ; sales of Inonotus linteus mycelia culture and Antrodia cinnamomea and plant−derived lactic acid bacterium PDF 
 North Civil Engineering Consultant Co., Ltd. Hakodate  
 Northbio Laboratories, Inc. Sapporo Research and development, manufacturing and sales of cosmetics PDF 
 Ogawa Advantec Machinery Inc. Sapporo Designing and manufacturing mechanical appliances PDF 
 Ohtaka Enzyme Co.,Ltd Otaru Manufacturing and sales of health foods, quasi drugs, cosmetics and animal feed, and ion housing business PDF 
 Okamoto Plant Breeding Kuriyama-cho Breeding, production of seeds and seedlings, import and export, product development utilizing plant derived functional ingredients PDF 
 Ozone Technology Laboratory Inc. Ebetsu Development of substance production using ozone
Development, manufacturing and sales of environmental equipment
 Pekalt Chemical Inc. Asahikawa Disposal and regeneration of industrial wastes and manufacturing soaps, detergents and cosmetics PDF 
 Plant Ecochemicals Research Center Eniwa Research and development to apply various function of plants to food industry and agricultural environment field and establish advanced mass production system to make plants abound in functional ingredient on a stable basis PDF 
 Plus Chemical Industry CO., Ltd. Sapporo As a plastic container manufacturer we've been attending to the costomers' needs, for example marin containers, dry processed marine food's trays, confectionary packagings and fruits boxes etc. with our fourty years' history and achievement. Our products are produced in a perfectly hygienic controled factory, and for food's  
 Polaris Technology , Inc. Sapporo Service of Intelligent Fluorescent Probes for Biotechnology Intelligent fluorescent probe, whose fluorescent wavelength is shifted by microenvironmental changes, has been desired for biological applications. PDF 
 Progresso Co., Ltd. Sapporo ① Development, production and sales of environmental biotechnology microorganism materials
② Development, production and sales of agricultural biotechnology microorganism materials
 Research of Microbes Co., Ltd. Sapporo We provide various properties and functions in microorganisms in a detailed manner and thus manufacture products in accordance with social needs.
① Environmental Biotechnology
Research of environmental purification microorganisms such as plant−and−animal fat degrading microorganisms, mineral oil degrading microorganisms and the denitrified fat degrading microorganisms, and development, production and sales of the microorganism resource products
② Agricultural Biotechnology
Development, production and sales of product resources for livestock feed additive microorganisms(including pet supplements), agricultural soil improving microorganisms and organic waste fermentation promoting microorganisms
③ Research and development of useful gene resources
Research and development of useful substance production using gene resources
 SETEC. Co., Ltd. Sapporo Designing and manufacturing dry flue gas desulfurization and wood
biomass gasification plant, etc.
 SHIZUNAI EISEISHA CO., LTD. Shinhidaka Maintenance, control and cleaning of public sewer systems
Maintenance, control and cleaning of wastewater processing facilities and manure processing facilities
Maintenance, control and cleaning of public/private facilities
Collection, transport and processing of general wastes and industrial wastes
Production and sales of water processing agent
 SNOW BRAND SEED Co., Ltd. Sapporo [Overall business]
Production and sales of forage crops, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants, and green manure seeds and seedlings ; design, construction and sales of greening garden ; production and sales of plant growth stimulants and silage additives (lactic acid bacteria)
Feeding crops, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants, green manure, greening garden seeds and seedlings, feed mixture for cattle, plant growth regulator, and silage additives
 SUPPLE ART CO., LTD Sapporo Planning and sales of health foods
Expanding PB products (30−40 items) to major chain drug stores
 Safety Research Institute for Chemical Compounds Co., Ltd. Sapporo Contract safety research, pharmacological test and human clinical trials of pharmaceuticals, agrichemical, chemical substances, cosmetics, medical appliance, food additives, health food, animal drug, and feeding stuff additives PDF 
 Sapporo Bio Factory Co., Ltd. Sapporo Biological research and development, diagnosis and assessment of biotechnology, bio−related research coordination among industry, academic institutions and public sectors, support for the transfer of biological patent rights, bio−related consulting, support for bio−project building, trust and intermediation of biotechnology services, investment and general support for small−and medium−sized biotechnology companies, bio−related temporary employment services PDF 
 Serotec Co., Ltd. Sapporo Manufacturing and sales of in-vitro diagnostic drugs PDF 
 Shouyaku Kenkyusho Inc. Sapporo Development and manufacturing of original−developed cosmetics (minimal lot : 100)
“We have materials and components to be focused on, but we don’t have the knowledge or technical experience in cosmetics production.”
“We are considering starting a cosmetics business.”
“We wish to provide our conventional cosmetics as an original brand.”
Due to the various obstacles to selling cosmetics such as the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, special expertise is required. We will support all the processes required for manufacturing products. Please consult with our specialized staff.
 Sigma-Aldrich Japan K.K. Life Science Division. Ishikari Custom synthesis of oligo DNA/RNA and peptide antibodies. PDF 
 Sinnihonkoso Co. Asahikawa Manufacturing health food by lactic acid fermentation in brown sugar medium.  
 Takasagoshuzo, Inc. Asahikawa Brewing and sales of sake PDF 
 Three-B Co., Ltd. Nanporo-cho Artificial cultivation of Tamogitake, manufacturing and sales of boiled Tamogitake, Tamogitake extract and glucosylceramide PDF 
 Tokyo Nodai Bioindustry Co., Ltd. Abashiri R&D utilizing Emu oil PDF 
 YOTSUBA Milk Products Co., Ltd. Kitahiroshima Production and sales of milk, dairy products, fruits juice, and other related foods PDF 
 Yamachu Co., Ltd. Otofuke−cho • Collecting, selecting and sales of coarse cereal. (Beans and wheats)
• Cultivating agricultural products, mainly beans and wheats, under license.
• Collecting government−designated soybeans.
• Import and sales of fertilizer.
• Sales of oil products.
• Sales of agricultural equipment.
• Flour milling business.