The network of the bioindustry of Hokkaido, and cooperation and market expansion with partners.

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Hokkaido Biotechnology Industrial Cluster Forum President Kenichi Kosuna
Kenichi Kosuna
The Hokkaido Biotechnology Industrial Cluster Forum was established in July 2002, aimed at encouraging partnerships among the biotechnology industries of Hokkaido and expanding the market for local products, based on the Industry Cluster Project by the Hokkaido Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Our organization was initially supported by 55 Hokkaido companies and a group of partnership businesses consisting of 20 “partners outside Hokkaido”. We are promoting more extensive networks now, comprised of 123 participating companies and 68 partners outside of Hokkaido as of January 2013.
By organizing a steering committee to operate the project smoothly, and posting cluster managers for comprehensive management of the project, the forum has been making efforts for enhancement of networks and expansion of business. These efforts contribute to the growing expansion of cooperation networks with new business partners and are starting to steadily show successful results.
The Hokkaido region is designated as a bio-industry cluster promoting area in the Biotechnology Strategy Guidelines. It is also ranked fourth in the number of bio-venture businesses by prefecture based on the survey results by the JBA, which means that companies are concentrating in this region. This forum will be dedicated to forming a more solid bio-industry cluster in collaboration with local organizations toward further development of bio-industry in Hokkaido. We would like to ask all parties concerned to provide further support and cooperation.